With growing inventions of technologies we have a wide range of access control, with all the three of the access control systems which are:

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Managed Access Control (MAC
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

We ensure to offer you full satisfaction with our access control system.

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Full Height Turnstile

Technology has made everything easier for us, and we are getting ahead of time. Today the security system set up is made in such a brilliant way that it secures a building or anything that needs to be safe in the easiest way. Our service has the best to offer always, and here is one of the best full height turnstile that is designed in a way that it can be accessed like a door that revolves. It is made for one person to enter at a time; this way, it can scan a person properly from head to toe. It is full-body scanning, so you do not have to worry about any of the left unchecked parts. No one can jump over and crawl under it because the design is made to stop the person from every side.

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TriPod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are gates used for security purposes. It is used for the person enter and exit like for hotels, museums, clubs, stations, office, canteens, tourist attraction places or terminals. They have functions that involve the movement of the machine that three-stick turning. It has an automatic setting of a hydraulic shock extractor. We have the finest quality tripod turnstile is made up of stainless steel and have all of these features:

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Flap Turnstiles

The flap barrier turnstiles are the optical turnstile that is electronic and made with glass panels. The glass panels work by extending from the set of optical turnstile cabinets. The glass panels attach between the two cabinets to make a pedestrian barricade. Flap barrier turnstiles are an access control for security purposes that is pleasing aesthetically. They come in various sizes and shapes, it can be square, rectangular, and can have wedge-shaped flaps; you can get the full height or waist-high flap barriers according to the level of security you need. The flaps can move electronically. It can retract to open or swing. So we design with any shape, movement and height and meet your expectations perfectly.

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Parking Barrier

Parking spaces are the places where tough security is a must, and for that, the best types of equipment for safety can do a lot of advantage to your parking lots. Whether the parking space is in open air or it is covered under a building, they must have to enter and exit the control gateway. For such security purposes, we build parking barriers that have motor, gearbox, chassis, brake lever, transmission machinery, brake lever bracket, balancing device, and much more for the parking space's security. In today’s fast-moving world we have got many security issues in many areas, but with the parking barrier people are relaxed now because they can depend on the technology that can give them all these benefits:

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Road blocker machine
The road blockers are for higher-level security purpose and for managing the entries. The blockers are capable of stopping truck attacks and attempts. Our company has built the blockers with the finest quality to keep the roads safe from the big disasters that might risk lives. Through our hard work and dedication, we have made it possible for you to use the highest quality service for roads' safety. We build it under various requirements that can adapt to the changes that might occur. We focus on the possibilities for easily installation of the blockers and technical specifications with the diameters also.

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Bollards are one of the security mechanisms that we build to keep your areas safe. The bollards we provide are short posts that are used to make a defensive perimeter. They are capable of guiding the traffic and can mark the boundaries you wish to mark. We design it according to your instructions and requirements. They come in various varieties that include their shapes and sizes. They have a height range starting from 30 to 48 feet tall. Here are the advantages that our bollards will provide you in different areas and situations:




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