Access Control

As the name implies, the system seeks to control the movement of people in and out of the building. It ensures only authorized people can access your building. Access control is an essential part of a commercial security system as it is the first layer of security. Being able to control who is in your building and when, especially in an event of an emergency protects the employees, residents, patrons, or assets. With Access control, you will get a complete record of who accessed the facility, which areas they tried to enter, and how long they stayed.

Not all access control systems work the same way and identifying which access control that fits your business or home security needs is ideal. We offer three different kinds of access control to effectively protect your premise and data and secure your home or business.

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
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Full Height Turnstile

Technology has made everything easier for us, and we are getting ahead of time. Today the security system set up is made in such a brilliant way that it secures a building or anything that needs to be safe in the easiest way. Our service has the best to offer always, and here is one of the best full height turnstile that is designed in a way that it can be accessed like a door that revolves. It is made for one person to enter at a time; this way, it can scan a person properly from head to toe. It is full-body scanning, so you do not have to worry about any of the left unchecked parts. No one can jump over and crawl under it because the design is made to stop the person from every side.

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TriPod Turnstiles

You can protect certain restricted areas by using tripod Turnstiles as it is the safest and traditional method of security. Uses of tripod turnstiles are not limited, you can use them in commercial, official, and even private enclosures. As with any kind of turnstiles, tripod turnstiles are used to control access in public venues, mostly. These security solutions are not only simple to use and install, but they are also very efficient in controlling the large crowd as well as managing disabled access or large deliveries.Tripod turnstiles are user-friendly and can be used with any validation system on the market, they are compatible with biometrics fingerprints, and even facial recognition.

We offer a cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption, well- built durability, and high reliability.

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Flap Turnstiles

Installing flap turnstiles is the first step to making the premises secure. So if you are thinking about installing flap barrier turnstiles, we are here to help you put your thoughts into action. Flap barrier Turnstiles are not some ordinary gateways or doors, they can strengthen the security system which can make them a valuable addition to any building.

Flap barrier Turnstiles are attached with sensors and access control systems, it is an automated system that controls access of people, where appropriate. They are made up of different materials and come in different sizes to cater to customers’ needs.

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Parking Barrier

It is mandatory to install an efficient parking barrier to build a complete security system. With traffic congestion increasing everywhere, parking barriers can be used to ease the parking problems. Parking barriers have several different purposes. Parking barriers can be used to keep unauthorized vehicles away from your building’s parking and thus protect the area. Parking barriers can be easily installed and controlled, much easier than hiring parking guards. Owing to technological development, traffic at peak hours can be managed.

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Road blocker machine
Road blockers are one of the highly secure methods of protecting roadways against vehicular unauthorised entry. Road blockers are convenient to use and can control access to high security and sensitive areas. Strategically placing several blockers can help stop vehicles attempting to gain unauthorized access to your site.

We provide strong and durable road blockers. They are designed to withstand repeated impact and can be quickly and easily operated by security personnel.

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Bollards are sturdy, short vertical posts. Bollards serve many purposes but they are primarily used as a visual guide and boundary markers. They are installed to create a protective or an architectural perimeter




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