Bollards are sturdy, short vertical posts. Bollards serve many purposes but they are primarily used as a visual guide and boundary markers. They are installed to create a protective or an architectural perimeter

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Bollards can block vehicle invasion, protecting the property and the people. Undoubtedly, They are functionally important but they can also accentuate the setting as they come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. These security posts are used for security and as well as to complement the landscape. However, their primary consideration is resistance to impact forces. Bollards can be made from different materials such as cement, plastic, stone, metal, and many others. The kind of material you should get depends on depending on their needed function.

There are many kinds of bollards, They can be installed with different types of mounting systems according to your needs. The mounting system allows them to be removable, flexible, retractable, and collapsable.




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