Installing flap turnstiles is the first step to making the premises secure. So if you are thinking about installing flap barrier turnstiles, we are here to help you put your thoughts into action. Flap barrier Turnstiles are not some ordinary gateways or doors, they can strengthen the security system which can make them a valuable addition to any building.

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Flap Turnstiles

Flap barrier Turnstiles are attached with sensors and access control systems, it is an automated system that controls access of people, where appropriate. They are made up of different materials and come in different sizes to cater to customers’ needs.

Flap barrier turnstiles can turn your security up a notch and offer various advantages. With the essential credentials, they allow only one person to get through at a time which makes it easy to keep a check. Barriers close as soon as the authorized person passes. Some flap barrier turnstiles can also detect loitering, detect tailgating, and trigger an alarm.




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