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Securing the outer perimeters should always be a priority and the goal is to control who can walk in and walk out of your property. So if you are looking to improve your outer perimeter protection, full height turnstiles are the perfect solution to your outdoor security.

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Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstiles are quite common and are used in almost every crowded public area that needs to have proper access control such as bus terminals and train stations. But they are not only limited to public places, they are also used in high-security risk areas such as prisons, military bases, and bank vaults, prisons.

Full height turnstiles offer countless advantages.
  • Tailgating is impossible as only one person can pass through it at a time.
  • No one can gain unauthorized access by tampering as full-height turnstiles are vandalism-proof.
  • Thanks to their tall design, it is impossible to hope over a full-height turnstile.
  • Most of them come with operational flexibility, allowing you to choose between unidirectional and bidirectional traffic as and when needed.
  • They can function seamlessly in areas where old-fashioned security measures cannot be used
  • Our full-height turnstiles are the perfect choice for an added level of security.




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