CCTV Security Surveillance

CCTV cameras are like digital eyes, watching out for us around the clock. CCTV surveillance is one of the most useful yet cost-effective features of modern security systems. Hundreds of cameras are installed on every corner of every building in commercial areas as it is one of the easiest systems to set up. The primary goal of setting up a CCTV camera is to reduce crime and increase public safety. Having your security always in reach will bring you comfort and give you the freedom so you can get on with your life, without any added stress.
Here at apex solutions, we offer high-quality CCTV surveillance and multiple ways to get the system up. We are dedicated to providing you with the protection you need, and give you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Access Control

As the name implies, the system seeks to control the movement of people in and out of the building. It ensures only authorized people can access your building. Access control is an essential part of a commercial security system as it is the first layer of security. Being able to control who is in your building and when, especially in an event of an emergency protects the employees, residents, patrons, or assets. With Access control, you will get a complete record of who accessed the facility, which areas they tried to enter, and how long they stayed.
Not all access control systems work the same way and identifying which access control that fits your business or home security needs is ideal. We offer three different kinds of access control to effectively protect your premise and data and secure your home or business.

Network Infrastructure

In this era of technology, it is hard to get new clients or to retain the current ones. However, good network infrastructure ensures connectivity and communication between the client significantly depends on the network infrastructure. Network infrastructure connects different devices, which could be done through either wireless or wired means, using an access point such as a router. It is the backbone of a business and business operations rely on the smooth functioning of the network. Therefore, an inefficient network can cause a breakdown in business operations and result in decreased productivity.
Investing in better network infrastructure will drastically increase connectivity and speed and which will consequently improve your employees’ productivity. We, at Apex solution, can plan and install the Fiber Optic, Long Range Wireless & UTP network infrastructure that is just right for you and caters to your business needs.

Management Solutions

Management solution provides  an organizations with a set of technology & equipment that can facilitate an organization’s strategy while also coordinating the efforts of the employees. This makes things easy for the employees to accomplish the objectives of the organization with the help of todays state of the art RFID / Biometric Access Control System which integrates with an innovative smart Point Of Sale System which can be implemented and deployed to almost all the facilities serving the customers in huge numbers on daily basis. Such facilities like Metros, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Ski resorts, Hotels, Zoo etc can have a huge benefit to fullfill the management activities on daily basis with ease.