See into the future.

Invest in the right CCTV Security Cameras equipment for the job. We’ll help you select cameras that provide the image quality, viewing range, and IR (infrared) distance required for your building and environmental conditions. And we’ll configure a system that can expand your camera network using the same NVR (Network Video Recorder).

Why gamble on out-of-the-box cameras that may or may not meet your specific needs? Once our techs install and configure your cameras, you’ll have access to the feed or recordings any time from a web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone—iOS or Android.

Common Reasons
Expected Results

Remote Viewing Of Footage

Easily view your video from any mobile phone, tablet, or computer using our app.

Network Security

We provide a physically separate port for cameras on video appliances, thus the cameras do not reside on the general business network and cannot be reached by employees or other personnel with access to the network. It also means that cameras cannot be directly reached by hackers from the outside.

Matching the Right Camera to the Application

Our technicians identify and recommend which cameras have the image quality, viewing range, and lighting conditions so your camera system is designed for your building, not to fit in a box.


Expand your camera network with additional POE switches while using the same NVR. This is possible because we don’t limit our camera systems to 8 or 16 channels. Building proper camera networks allows you, and us, to plan for the future.

Adequate Storage Capacity

Did you know that recording time varies with the number of cameras, quality of cameras, and installation environment? We choose the proper size storage based on the system we design for you. And if you need more storage or end up expanding your system, we can add additional storage to the same recorder without requiring a replacement.